Essential Market Data Package


In this package we will provide you an overview of facts and figures from official local sources.
By purchasing this Package you will get  information that otherwise might have taken months of  local meetings and several trips to acquire  conveniently and time saving. This includes familiarising yourself with important authoritative bodies and organizations, import and export information about your specific products, data on main active local and global competitors, overview of the  market; its past, present and future through interviews with experts and other information that you would need to make your strategic plans work.
With this package, we mainly focus on providing you with the optimum amount of information you require, ensuring you are on the right track

Essential Market Data Package
euro 6900
A short overview of general facts and figures about the country
Overview of important organizations, associations and regulatory bodies related to your business that you should know about
The top 5 important local laws and regulations concerning your business in the local market
Related import and export data
Names of important registered market players in Iran in your field
Market overview from a local expert opinion
List of at least two suggested partners for local cooperation from our experts’ perspective
A list of important questions/suggestions that come up during our interviews with experts about optimum methods for local market penetration.


Deliverable: An analytical report will be delivered to you in 20 to 40 pages. (it is our policy to keep our reports short and to the point so that high ranking managers can read it quickly

Timeline: 15 working days (it is our policy to work intensely on every single report so the client can have the necessary data within the shortest space of time.)

Team: 4 people including experts and interviewers will work on it full time and one analyst will wrap up the final data for you. (the number of people can be decreased to further reduce the time but it will affect the price.)

Price for this package: is €6,800. (60% down payment, upon receiving the proof of payment, the team will commence on the case &the balance of 40% within 5 days after handover of the research documents, that will be through an official email.)