Greece urges expansion of ties with Iran in all areas

Greece urges expansion of ties with Iran in all areas


In his meeting with Iran’s ambassador to Athens Majid Motallebi Shabestari, Stathakis referred to the lifting of sanctions on Iran’s economy as providing a good opportunity for the both countries to expand their relations as much as possible.

Stathakis said His country is willing to fulfill part of his oil requirements from Iran, adding that Greek companies are vastly urged to cooperate with Iran.

In the light of new agreements made during the visit of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to Tehran, Shabestari said, the ground is prepared for both countries to enhance their relations.

Shabestari further noted that developing business transactions between Tehran-Athens requires smoother banking ties, adding that signing a double taxation avoidance agreement would facilitate the business deals.

In July 2015, Iran-Greece Joint Business Council announced that the two countries have set a target for increasing the bilateral trade to €3 billion over the course of three years.

Foreign companies have flocked to Tehran since the United States, European Union and United Nations lifted international sanctions in January after reaching a deal over Iran’s nuclear program. A number of global companies have already signed business deals with Iran, which had been closed for years.


TEHRAN- Greek Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism Giorgos Stathakis called for expansion of ties with Iran in all areas, especially in economy and oil sector, the IRNA news agency reported.

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