Market Monitoring Package


Through this package you will receive regular executive summary of potential projects as per your filed/s of interest. The summary would include;
– Company’s brief history
– Project Information including summary of available BP, FS &/or MS
– Amount of Required funding & Available Collateral

Analysis & suggestion of projects would be done by a team of our experts based on a questionnaire that you would be required to fill upon confirmation of your package.
This package at the first phase includes Finding the right Projects for Investment and as soon as you declare your interest in any of the cases, we would move the second phase in which we offer you Project Analysis & Risk Assessment to insure return of your investment. After this stage of Audit & Due Diligence is passed, we would arrange a face to face meeting between you & owner of the project during which our legal team could help you close a proper agreement to start the project. Since we are also offering fund management services, if you find it hard to travel to Iran on regular bases, we could also arrange this step for you.
Moreover, during this stage we could also offer you complementary services that you might need to assure success of your investment such as Project Management & Monitoring.

Bronze Market Monitoring Package
euro 500 - per month
4 Projects per Month, Send to You by the End of each Month
Silver Market Monitoring Package
euro 1150 - per month
10 Project per Month, Send to You on Weekly Bases
Gold Market Monitoring Package
euro 2200 - per month
20 Project per Month, Send to You on Weekly Bases