Seminar Package

Potentials & Challenges

This seminar is designed to assist you with providing your clients with the necessary awareness about risks and challenges of the emerging market of Iran.
In this package, we are offering our clients an affordable way to achieve essential market information in the comfort of their own city to enable them to make decisions about their expansion strategy.
Total time of this seminar is 4 hours, also, there is a one to one short consulting session afterwards in which each company gets 15 minutes to discuss their specific concerns, should they choose. This session can be planned separately and scheduled.

Seminar Package
euro 250 - Per Person
Sociocultural facts about doing business in Iran
Economic trends, demographic facts & projections
Tax laws & exemptions
Free zones & Special Commercial Zones
Registering a company in Iran
Human Resource regulations
Import & Export regulations
Attending local projects; governing Laws & potential tenders