Spanish firms seeking long-term partnership with Iranian businesses

Spanish firms seeking long-term partnership with Iranian businesses


TEHRAN- Spanish companies are seeking long-term partnership with Iranian businesses, particularly in infrastructure and transport projects, Spain’s Chamber of Commerce Director Alfredo Bonet said.

The event aims to develop in a  synergistic way between the Iranian and national players, the potential of the area, its productive resources and i ts historical and cultural strengths.

Bonet, who has visited Iran recently at the head of a trade delegation to bolster trade ties between the two countries, believes that trade between Iran and Spain is not enough at the present, although he says that sanctions removal against Iran will help expansion of bilateral ties, he said in an interview with the portal of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture.

The Spanish official mentioned oil, gas and petrochemical industries as the major sectors for cooperation between the two countries and said that Spanish companies can specifically play fruitful role in infrastructure projects.
He referred to the problems related to finance as the main barrier for expansion of trade ties between the two countries.

He believes that despite all problems and barriers, Iran has moved in a good way and its economy is progressing rapidly now.

Iran is taking the final steps to conclude its economic cooperation roadmap with Spain, Abolfazl Koodeie, a senior official in Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO), said in a meeting held in Tehran on August 20 to discuss and prepare the said roadmap. Officials from Iran-Spain Business Council and more than 50 Spanish businessmen took part in the meeting.

In May, Tehran and Madrid signed a memorandum of understanding on economic cooperation and put preparation of the economic cooperation roadmap on the agenda at the time.

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